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Coaching is one of the most beneficial resources you can have on your healing journey and getting guidance from an experienced and ethical coach should be affordable; financial hardship shouldn’t disqualify you from receiving excellent care.

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Getting Started

Your healing journey is an intimate and personal one. Whether you’re working on better boundaries at home or work, changing your habits and routines, or tapping into a more authentic, empowered and aligned version of yourself, working with the right coach is as important as the work itself. My approach to getting started is designed to create a safe and sacred space for both of us to experience profound healing.


Typically, we will spend 20-30 minutes on Zoom to  connect and assess our compatibility. I will ask you about your goals and desires and inform you of what to expect from working together. We will also discuss your investment and the frequency/duration of sessions.


Your initial appointment is 90 minutes. I will complete your patient profile, evaluate your starting point, and determine the tools and resources that you would like to experience (such as mindfulness or movement practices) before reviewing your goals and creating your personalized coaching plan.


Each coaching session is curated to your personalized coaching plan; we begin each appointment by checking in and reviewing your progress before beginning any new practices. Depending on your preferences, we may incorporate external resources to assist you towards your unique goals.


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I value financial accessibility and am committed to providing affordable services. During your consultation we will discuss an investment price that feels good for both of us. Typically, your Intake Appointment is $199.99 and ongoing sessions vary based on your situation. The initial cost goes directly to business expenses and professional development. 

I recognize that you have unique needs and circumstances that determine your availability for investing your time for working with a coach. You determine how much time that you can afford to commit to. I prefer to meet with clients for an hour on a regular basis, typically weekly or bi-weekly. 

Empowerment: You can gain a sense of empowerment, reclaiming control over your life and be more confident in your decisions.

Authentic Self-Expression: Through the coaching process, you can discover and embrace your authentic self, fostering genuine self-expression.

Purposeful Alignment: The coaching journey can guide you towards aligning your vision for purpose, passion, and pleasure with your values.

Improved Well-Being: The holistic approach to coaching can help you experience improved satisfaction and wellbeing in all dimensions of your life.

Enhanced Self-Discovery: The coaching tools and practices can facilitate a deeper understanding of yourself, leading to enhanced self-awareness and self-discovery.

Effective Boundaries: You can develop and implement effective boundaries, experiencing freedom from the complicated feelings of overwhelm and frustration.

Transformative Mindset Shifts: The coaching process can facilitate mindset shifts, empowering you to approach challenges with resilience and a positive perspective.

Lasting Change: Coaching can instigate lasting change, equipping you with tools and insights that you can continue to apply beyond the coaching sessions.

I have spent more than ten years committed to doing the work required for powerful transformation. Trust me, I’ve tried it all: spirituality, higher education, therapy/psychiatry, self-help books, expensive coaching containers, journaling, meditation, 12-step recovery just to name a few. The healing that I have experienced cannot be undone and I am here to to help you experience it too. 

Oh, and I have worked within the mental health and wellness field since 2014. 

I consult regularly with mentors and professionals in the mental health, coaching, and intuitive fields, along with clear communication with clients about my coaching scope, establishes a foundation of ethical practice. This collaborative approach allows me to stay accountable in an industry that is largely unregulated. 

Please note: You can request a copy of my Ethical Guidelines.

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